Rambling Yesterday On Wenlock Edge ~ “The Holly And The Power Station”? — Tish Farrell

We went for a tramp along the Edge Wood at midday yesterday. It’s three fields up from our back garden and quite a haul to reach it. Once there, a breather is definitely called for, and so it’s a good moment to stop and look at the old Ironbridge Power Station cooling towers. Some find […]

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Originally posted on Irracional : “Las musas” en México O apareces con todo Inspirador e inspirado O desapareces con todo Escurridizo y huidizo Así, en un arrebato De rato en rato Como ellas Tú, tienes más mérito Me inspiras tú solito Eso sí, son más bonitas Mis letras Cuando vuelves Que cuando te vas V DV

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November Sky With Crab Apples — Tish Farrell

Crab apples as caught in yesterday’s afternoon sun. There’s a bit of story here too. This year the fruit on our Evereste crab apple tree is absolutely tiny, nothing like the giant size suggested by the photo. But this is good, because it makes us think that the tree has survived being moved back in […]

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New Nature Photo Close-up Hosta Bloom —

Close-up Hosta Bloom is a calming soft focus nature photograph of a single, light purple colored Hosta blossom in full bloom against the lush green garden foliage. A soft Matte effect was added to this nature photograph to create a sense of tranquility. Title: Close-up Hosta Bloom Nature Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Nature Photography Item […]

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High heron — Mike Powell

Generally when I see a Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) in a tree, it is roosting in a protected location and napping. Early one morning this past weekend at Huntley Meadows Park, however, I spotted this alert heron perched on an exposed dead tree, looking like it was playing the role of a sentinel. I […]

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kiss — caleephotography

A sweet moment between mother and child ❤ Photographed today in the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen

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Panning a heron — Mike Powell

Sometimes I will intentionally use a slow shutter speed when I am panning a moving subject to blur the background and give a sense of motion, but that was not the case with these photos—I was shooting in aperture-priority mode and simply wasn’t paying attention to the shutter speed that the camera was giving me. […]

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