Un poème, une attention..

Bonsoir, Un inconnu a fait ma journée. Il a fait ma journée, car, j’aime ces petites attentions qui ne coûtent rien. Un regard bienveillant, un sourire, un mot gentil…

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The Juice of Human Kindness

I am making guacamole for the play date I’m having with two other collage artists tomorrow. I am shocked when I see the time is 11:45 p.m. shortly after I’ve also discovered I’m out of limes. Lack of sleep and the later hour have made me forget what I know well–that guacamole won’t darken if you […]

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Mientras miro las nuevas olas

“No creemos en algo así como una poesía joven o sub 30 —dice Verónica Yattha—, sino en una serie de búsquedas que no por ser personales o diversas tienen que estar aisladas”. Para Martin Vazquez Grille, otro de los autores reunidos en El Rayo verde, la antología publicada en 2013 por Viajero Insomne, “tal […]

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Flower of the Day: 22.02.2017 Snowdrops

Yes they are now arriving, slowly but surely. The last time I took their photo, it was only closed buds, but now they are opening. Amongst the rotting leaves from last year, they have arrived, so I thought I would have to hurry with their photo from my garden, before they disappear again. I planted […]

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7 planètes de la taille de la Terre découvertes

Un groupe de sept planètes d’une taille comparable à la Terre ont été découvertes, a annoncé mercredi la NASA. Trois d’entre elles se situent à une distance de leur étoile, Trappist-1, qui suggère qu’on pourrait y trouver de l’eau. Cette étoile, bien plus petite que notre soleil, est située à 40 années-lumières d’ici. «Il s’agit…

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Uriel Reviews Shades of Magic!

Let me start by just coming clean with you all: I’m not exactly the biggest sci-fi/fantasy enthusiast. I know, I know. Hold back your stones before you proceed to pelt me with them. Part of my 2017 New Year’s Resolution is to read stuff outside of my usual bubble of literary fiction. I want to […]

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Niche construction: does it represent a “vastly neglected phenomenon” in evolutionary thought?

“Niche construction” is a new term in evolutionary biology—indeed, a buzzword—although the idea has been around under other rubrics for years. It is the idea that the niche of an organism is not something static, imposed by its environment, but that the organism, as it evolves in behavior, morphology, and physiology, can change its environment […]

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